The Spiritual Warrior Collection

The Spiritual Warrior Collection

The pieces in the Spiritual Warrior Collection have come forth now because of all the change that is going on, on our beautiful planet.  Gaia is ascending and all that is a hindrance to her ascension is being cast off.  Light Workers, Light Warriors and Light Ambassadors all have a role to play and we are in a time that is not easy.  Many of us remember past incarnations of hurt, disdain and even torture, but here we are again.  These pieces have been given to help us in what is to come.

One of the earliest directives I received, probably back in March, 2020 was that right now Gaia is in despair.  Yes, she is ascending.  That has been discussed over and over, everywhere you look.  But there is so much more going on.  She feels abandoned, taken advantage of and is in anguish.  As the Light Workers we are, one of our primary objectives is to assist her and support her in any way we can.

What I received was that she needs the color pink now from all of us.  Pink represents unconditional love and gratitude.  In my meditations, I spend time envisioning the purest, clearest rose pink light enveloping her, like a cocoon.  I also send that light into her core, through the two poles, to the center of her being and envision that light emanating out through her, saturating every part:  the soil, the sand, the waters, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the rocks and finally out to all beings, human and otherwise.  She needs to know that we give her unconditional love and gratitude and are holding the space for her to do what she needs.

This is where the Love Bracelet comes in.  This piece is being specifically cleared, energized and activated to direct that pink light to her.  When you wear it, on your right arm, it will do exactly that.  I know that not all of us like to meditate or are good at it.  Trust me, it’s difficult for me to maintain stillness these days, especially with what is going on around us.  But by wearing this piece, that light is being constantly directed to her so if I miss a day of meditation, the work is still being done.

As we are giving pink out to the planet, we also have to take care of ourselves now.  We are all here for a reason and we cannot complete our mission if we are not healthy, aware and protected.  Another piece of information I was given is that the color green is what WE need to keep us protected energetically from the chaos going on around us.  Green is healing and allows the truth to come forth. Every morning, upon awakening, I envision a beautiful, clear, emerald green light surrounding me, like a cocoon.  It’s a simple thing to do every day that allows me to go through the day in complete calm, regardless of what is happening around me, knowing that I walk in truth.

This is where both the Hedenbergite and Selenite pendants can help.  Both of these pieces carry the green ray, albeit differently.  Hedenbergite is about revealing the truth; it is a stone of strength, hope, faith, fortitude and courage.  It will immediately connect to your heart, allowing your Divine Spark to come forth, with your truth.  Truth is very much needed now, to be able to see beyond the veils.  Working with Hedenbergite is not easy, but if it is for you, you will be called to it.  You will just know.

The Selenite pendants contain Labradorite, another green stone.  Labradorite is known as The Stone of Transformation.  It helps to awaken your innate mystical, magical abilities and psychic powers.  This pendant will bring in the light that you need and is powerful in its own way.  Again, you will know if this is the combination for you.

Finally, we have the black tourmaline pieces.  Anyone who knows me knows, I don’t leave home without it.  My home, my office and even my car are gridded with it.  For those of us who are so sensitive, this is the primary stone for protection of our energies. I’ve tried to make these pieces very affordable.  If there is one thing you should have, it is this piece.  It will keep you grounded and safe as we go through the energies of today.

Friends, my heart aches for what is happening around us.  But at the same time, my resolve is stronger than ever.  I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are here because we are meant to do great things.  We will prevail.  It may not be an easy road, but there is light at the end of it.  If there is anything I can do to help you, I am always available.  I wish you strength, love and fortitude as you carry on with your soul mission and purpose.