About Seta T

Seta Tashjian is a transformational pioneer in color and light energy medicine. She has a passion for helping people awaken to their true selves and to their own healing abilities, gifts and innate talents. Through her unique, mystical combination of transformational modalities, she expertly supports stressed individuals in releasing pain and suffering while finding the road to joy and fulfillment.

An accomplished broadcaster and then accounting executive, Seta gave up her corporate career to dive into alternative healing work with a passion. She is a talented and effective transformer of stress and worry for working women. Her intuition and connection to soul knowledge through color and light alchemy has helped hundreds of people shift their lives with ease and grace.

Seta’s interest in alternative healing methods led her to a profound relationship with crystals, laser light and color healing. Seta is aware of her natural ability to connect with people’s energies to support them to make better choices and find more wellbeing in their lives. She has a devoted following of clients that feel blessed by her care.

Seta is a talented resource for her clients who need stress relief through color and light alchemy. To support her customers, she became an authorized provider for the internationally acclaimed Aura-Soma® line of powerful energy products. She is dedicated to exploring consciousness and transformation through her own spiritual development and unfoldment. Her passion to support her clients is remarkable.

As a public speaker and a workshop facilitator, Seta has a unique ability to hold a group’s attention, by connecting with them as individuals while making them feel comfortable interacting and participating as they learn. She offers an honest and loving support for those people ready to connect to their beauty and soul.

Seta is a powerful conduit for energy that who can improve your life by removing blocks with color and light alchemy, so you can experience joy and rejuvenation. She would love to support you on your journey to wholeness and self-discovery.

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