“I love Seta. I continue to feel my session today even though it was months ago. It’s amazing how accurate it was to me, my story and my life right now, this moment. I continue to call on that presence each day. I even have some oils that I use as a gentle reminder. I love the 2 bracelets that she made. I wear two of them almost everyday. Thank you, Seta.”   Brette Petway, PrayerisGood.com


Testimonial for Seta Tashjian’s work from Mary Lambert

Testimonial for Seta Tashjian’s magic work from Ted Murray, Tennis From the Heart

Testimonial for Seta Tashjian’s work from Joan Lunney Boulder Windshields

Testimonial from Donna Herman after working with Seta Tashjian for seven years.  



“After three sessions of the Color Light Pen with Seta, I feel more clear and more capable of seeing myself again. These first few sessions have been a clearing away of what no longer serves and actually seeing what needs to change to get where I want to go, both personally and professionally. I didn’t realize how bogged down I was by certain areas of my life. The path is clearer now.

After the fourth and fifth Color Light Pen sessions, I’m getting stronger in how I represent my own needs and wants in my close circle. As a mom, it’s always a balance to get my needs met in the midst of everyone else’s. I’m looking forward to how this progresses and seeing how healthy boundaries continue to evolve.

After seeing Seta for the Color Light Pen treatments 6-7 times, I am impressed by how the treatments have helped me align with my true desires and mission as life throws its curve balls. The work is dynamic, customized to what I need in the moment as time passes, versus giving me a generic session that could help anyone. This is a huge support to stay connected to soul in my time of transition and ever-changing stressors. Very valuable and pleasant work.”

Carrie C. Lakewood, CO

“Seta introduced me to the Color Light Pen experience during our weekly consults and sessions. Since doing so, I have experienced a profound shift that has amplified my results, freeing up more personal mental and physical energy, expediting the manifesting of my life’s objectives, seemingly clarifying and calmer, aligning with the ebb and flow, permitting the love and joy to bubble over. Yes, from a full cup my life now flows.  When considering, I urge you to be honest with yourself. Honor yourself with the gift of time and invest in the therapy of this practice over time. It really is a sacred practice which you customize by your own choices.  It encompasses many modalities, including crystals, energy, aroma, light work, numerology, Chinese medicine, chakras and on and on. To put it simply, color and Seta together are pure magic.  You are an amazing practitioner.”

Margaret Z. Denver, CO

“I am so impressed with the Color Light Pen work Seta does! I took my Bassett Hound, Shila, to her as she’s been having seizures and has not been well for a while. It’s so interesting how Shila responded negatively to most of the colored lights, turning her head away and ignoring them. Seta explained to me that if they don’t need that particular color, animals will intuitively turn away from it.  But the color she needed, she was drawn to the light and kept looking at it. The treatment always leaves her very calm and peaceful.

One day she chose the bladder meridian color, which was so perfect because she’d been urinating on the floor, which was out of character for her, as well as waking me up multiple times per night to go to the bathroom. Wouldn’t you know it? After the bladder meridian treatment, Shila slept through the night! It was amazing. ”

Carrie B. Littleton, CO



“When I was 18, I started having seizures and a variety of other symptoms. After seeing multiple specialists and undergoing a variety of tests, I was diagnosed with conversion disorder. There is no medical cure for conversion disorder, although it is rarely a lifelong condition. Seta was my manager at work, and knew how difficult the seizures were for me. One day she came into the office and told me she had been compelled the night before to make a bracelet for me. She wasn’t sure as to why she was being compelled, or why she had used the crystals that she did in my bracelet, but she knew it was meant for me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I believed in the powers of crystal healing, but kept a very open mind and wore my beautiful bracelet every day. A month went by with no change when Seta asked me to start wearing the bracelet on my right wrist rather than my left. I did, and within a week my bracelet exploded while I was walking my dog. I picked up the pieces I could find, and returned it to Seta for her to fix it. The wire was frayed as if it had been burned on both ends. I had never seen anything like it before. She fixed the bracelet for me, and I started wearing it once again. Within three days it broke again, this time while I was watching TV.  After the second week of wearing the bracelet on my right wrist, I stopped having seizures. Seta has continued to work with me, doing some crystal healing work as well as an Aura-Soma® session.  I have been seizure free for two years! I don’t know if it was the bracelet or a combination of the crystals and other things that have helped me, but I am grateful every day!”

Hannah T. Littleton, CO

“I feel confident in recommending Seta both as an Aura-Soma® practitioner and her work with Crystals for the Soul.  She blends and complements Aura-Soma® with crystals to provide you with amazing results. I take comfort in wearing the bracelet that Seta designed specifically for me. It has become a part of my daily wardrobe.  Seta is so easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.  I found my sessions to be incredibly valuable and look forward to our next session.”

Amber G. Denver, CO

“Seta is so intuitive with her crystal healing. I was always talking to Seta about my financial struggles.  Since having a bracelet made to attract money into my life, I won a big sweepstakes for my business (a $15,000 prize!).  And since then, not only have I become more financially secure, I have also won many other prizes, including a 50” TV. After having a charm made for my one dog to help with his anxiety, he doesn’t pull my arm out of the socket when he sees or hears kids anymore. My other dog got a charm for healing, which helped her recover from her surgery so quickly, even her doctors were surprised. Seta is guided to choose the right stones and crystals that you need.  She really does have a “knowing” of crystals. They “talk” to her and guide her to what each person needs.”

Carrie B. Littleton, CO

“I want to thank Seta for helping my precious little kitty Seraphim Fluffball by creating a beautiful amulet of gemstones meant to protect her.  As a “Light Worker” I sometimes have to deal with the “Dark Side”.  Recently, there was such an individual who chose to psychically attack me but my own Guardians protect me pretty well…so…she went for my vulnerability …. my cats, who are my children.  Seraphim is a very new and innocent little Soul, so this person went straight for her.  The psychic attack was so severe that poor Seraphim was completely out of control and even the veterinarian said he couldn’t find the cause.  Her behavior had become so violent…completely opposite of her normal sweet self…the vet said I might have to have her put down.  Fortunately, I am connected with Authentic Spiritual Healers who detected what was happening and were able to help clear off the Evil energy being directed at her.  This is where Seta comes in.  She meditated on Seraphim and concluded what gems to put into an amulet to attach to her collar that would ward off and protect her.  Not only did it help, but she is now even sweeter and more loving and affectionate then she was before the attacks.   Bless you Seta.


My other kitty, Lady Sophia, is such a highly evolved cat…a High Priestess….incarnation of Bast…this person couldn’t get near her.  She was very upset about what was happening to Seraphim because she has been big Sister to Seraphim since she came to us as a tiny kitten.  However…when things had calmed down and she saw Sera’s amulet, she let me and Seta know that as High Priestess…she should have an amulet as well.  She didn’t “need” one…she just wanted one!   And so she loves to hold her head high so everyone that meets her can see her lovely Amethyst necklace.  Bless you Seta!”

Phebe D. Denver, CO


“There comes a time in life when you have to take on the responsibility of YOU.  After you have sought guidance and learning from mentors, massage therapists, doctors, holistic practitioners, etc., sooner or later you have to turn inward and do your own work. I first saw Aura-Soma® in Australia 20 years ago.  You never forget it when you see it.  It’s like a mesmerizing collections of jewels…Aura-Soma® is more than color therapy.  It’s magic to order, customized by you.

For the past year it has been a wonderful source of insight for accessing the shadows of my hidden inner world, you know, the deep where you have no words. The help I’ve received from a collection of pretty colorful bottles which became my personally selected energy therapies. I choose and use them every day as a part of my daily personal care ritual.  Just like you brush your teeth twice a day, I take 3-5 minutes with my bottles twice a day. I acknowledge my Aura-Soma® message and its purpose, balance my chakras and experience incremental positive steps in self-love and spiritual and emotional healing, gaining confidence and control over the seemingly out of reach hopes and dreams in my heart and soul. I love that’s it’s not a rush, as it allows me to gently decipher the deeply hidden, bring it to consciousness, make sense of it, release it and move along with life.  I am so grateful to have re-discovered Aura-Soma® as it was intended.”

Margaret Z. Denver, CO

“My Aura Soma® session with Seta was absolutely perfect.  She knows the meaning of each bottle and can combine that with intuitive guidance to provide a clear picture of a person’s path in life.   Seta possesses a talent to relay the wisdom that innately lies within each person.  Sadly, I had to cut our session short due to a time restriction, but we could have spent much more time going over the bottles selected.  After working with my suggested bottle for several weeks, a major life change occurred that feels like a dream come true!  I can’t say for sure what created that shift, but I know I have been experiencing much love and joy!   I can’t wait for another session!  Thank you, Seta!”

Jill M. Denver, CO

“When I first met with Seta for the Aura Soma® consultation, I was in a personal crisis. It was deep inside and I suffered privately.  I was being pulled to follow my ‘true path’ but didn’t trust that it was a viable choice.  When I chose the bottles during the consult, I didn’t trust why certain bottles were jumping out at me.  Then Seta described the bottles’ meanings…. I was so amazed!  The bottles were telling me to do what I had been struggling with, to follow my true path and that they would support me.  Seta’s intuition and interpretation was right on!  Since using the bottles (for about 3 months now), I can only say that I feel on track, confident, grounded and solid.  I am following my true path and things seem to be just flowing as they should!

No one can claim that these bottles can heal physically, but I had an interesting experience.  I was having abdominal pain one day the first week of using the bottles (I have Crohn’s) and I took a pain pill.  About 2 minutes later, I remembered that I hadn’t used the bottles that morning yet.  So I got up to use them and the pain was gone in a matter of about 2 minutes!  The pain medicine I take usually starts working in about 30-40 minutes.  I think everyone should work with the Aura Soma® bottles to help support them in whatever they need.  Seta Tashjian is intuitive, very informative and wonderful to work with!  I can’t wait for my next consult with her!”

Michelle C. Highlands Ranch, CO

“When I went to see Seta, I was not sure what to expect so I kept an open mind.  What Seta shared with me about the bottles was in alignment with everything I was working on.  I chose to take a bottle home with me and on the way home I noticed my thoughts were much clearer and my intuition was enhanced immediately.  My bottle has been a journey and I thank Seta for bringing this knowledge to me.”

Chalyce M. Denver, CO

“I can’t explain exactly how Aura Soma® works, but all I know is the changes happening in my life since using the Aura Soma® products and my first consultation with Seta are incredible and too coincidental to ignore.  I’ve just had my second consultation and the bottles my soul chose are following a clear path in relation to my first bottles.  It’s such a unique and cool treatment, and Seta is an incredibly intuitive, as well as kind, practitioner.  She is so welcoming and there is an aura of trust that surrounds her.  I absolutely recommend trying Aura Soma®.”

Carrie B. Littleton, CO

“It is very obvious that working with Aura Soma® is one of Seta’s callings in life.   It’s apparent that she is deeply in tune with the products and process.  Seta effectively combines product knowledge with intuitive understanding, which offers the client an exceptional experience full of insight and assistance into one’s soul journey.

The Aura Soma® products are so alive, which makes for a very exciting and interesting journey.  I am enjoying working with all the products but I have to say the Pocket Physical Rescue really stands out as an INSTANT relief to many aches and pains.  I have never experienced a product that has taken away the majority of my aches and pains so quickly.  I’m really close to declaring this a miracle product.”

Donna H. Lakewood, CO

“I didn’t know what to expect when starting Aura-Soma®.  I had my consult with Seta, and chose several of the beautifully colored bottles.  She explained the properties of each of the bottles, and how they could relate to me.  I then chose one bottle to take home, to use daily.  I have noticed many subtle changes while using my Aura Soma® bottle.  I have incorporated it into my daily mindfulness practice and I find that it has helped me to work through stressful times with greater grace and ease.”

Lisa B. Denver, CO

“I’d been having some conflict with a group that I work with.  When I had to meet with them, in person or over the phone, I would put the oil on my eyes, around my head, and down to my spine, asking for clarity of vision and purpose, and calmness of mind.  I’ve been told my dealings with the group over the contentious issues has been exemplary, so I think it greatly helped me to keep focus on what needed to be the outcome and we achieved it!

I continue to use it in that way, helping me to keep clear focus and a calm mind, as I go about my daily tasks.  I LOVE it!”

Linda W. Denver, CO

“I do brand and business consulting for all kinds of practitioners in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality, healing, and self-help.  So it’s fair to say that I have experienced a lot of the best (and not so best!) transformational work available in these exciting times.  Inspired and guided by my clients, I have worked with my energy, my aura, my chakras, my body, my light-body, my forgiveness, my ego-deflation, my story–you name it.  But I had never considered my relationship with color and what it could teach me about my path and my purpose.  Doing the Aura-Soma® sessions with Seta Tashjian has opened my eyes–and my heart–to a whole new level of experience, insight, and support that has greatly enriched my life, both emotionally and financially.  Thank you, Seta and Aura-Soma®, for helping me go deeper in my relationship to Divine Self.”

Ellen M. Denver, CO