Crystals for the Soul

Enjoy the Secrets of Improved Health with Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an alternative therapeutic technique in which crystals and other gemstones are used to treat energetic and emotional ailments and also help to protect against dis-ease. This technique positions specific crystals to act as conduits for balancing — allowing positive, congruent, and healing energy to flow into the body as negative, dis-ease causing energy flows out.

Seta T uses magical crystals and their colors in her office as a foundation for setting the energy field. She will use her powerful intuition to work with you and her specifically chosen balancing stone specimens to enhance your energy field.  It is practical magic and the results are remarkable!

Crystal Balancing Sessions include:

  • Assessment of your energetic needs
  • Placement of energetic enhancements on or around your body as you relax
  • Personal guidance from Seta T
  • A Soul connection invocation
  • An affirmation to use after the session to anchor the energy
  • Recommendations to work with specific crystals after you leave
  • A Crystal Energy Grid Print for support afterwards

These crystals and minerals have the ability to support and transmute energy by transforming consciousness, enabling the body to come into balance and stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal. The crystals act as a conduit for energy movement, allowing the positive energy from the crystals to flow into the body and negative energy to flow out. They also allow for the balancing of chakras, as well as the clearing of blockages.

Crystals act as a tool, a touchstone, to ground you, center you and empower you to transform your life. The magic is not in the crystal, it’s really in you. The crystal acts as an ally on your journey, a tool to help you get to where you want to go. Seta T knows how to align you with the crystals, so you can use them as an aid to personal and psychic development.

Each session is individualized to your needs and will provide a very relaxing environment. Clients are fully clothed and aside from the stones being placed on the body, there is very little physical contact.  Most sessions are approximately one hour long.

Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

What Seta’s clients say...

Hannah Tamura

“When I was 18, I started having seizures and a variety of other symptoms. After seeing multiple specialists and undergoing a variety of tests, I was diagnosed with conversion disorder. There is no medical cure for conversion disorder, although it is rarely a lifelong condition. Seta was my manager at work, and knew how difficult the seizures were for me. One day she came into the office and told me she had been compelled the night before to make a bracelet for me. She wasn’t sure as to why she was being compelled, or why she had used the crystals that she did in my bracelet, but she knew it was meant for me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I believed in the powers of crystal healing, but kept a very open mind and wore my beautiful bracelet every day. A month went by with no change when Seta asked me to start wearing the bracelet on my right wrist rather than my left. I did, and within a week my bracelet exploded while I was walking my dog. I picked up the pieces I could find, and returned it to Seta for her to fix it. The wire was frayed as if it had been burned on both ends. I had never seen anything like it before. She fixed the bracelet for me, and I started wearing it once again. Within three days it broke again, this time while I was watching TV.  After the second week of wearing the bracelet on my right wrist, I stopped having seizures. Seta has continued to work with me, doing some crystal healing work as well as an Aura-Soma® session.  I have been seizure free for three years! I don’t know if it was the bracelet or a combination of the crystals and other things that have helped me, but I am grateful every day!”

Hannah T. Littleton, CO

Crystals for the Soul is a hands-on healing session using an array of beautiful crystals and gemstones with specific placement around and on the body to enhance your natural healing abilities.  The actual crystal session can be up to 60 minutes, however the whole process is about two hours.  This will include the assessment, which also allows you time to express your needs and concerns, as well as the recommendations and instructions for support afterwards.

The use of crystals and gems alone can help us move through emotional, physical and mental changes.  Today there are many studies that confirm color can help with many different ailments.  However, as with any type of holistic healing, it usually takes a consistent approach to staying healthy, both physically and mentally, that enables us to lead healthy lives.  Crystals, another tool of color, can be used to enforce our already healthy choices and they can also help to bring in the color that we may be lacking.  This is another way to bring us the balance our soul needs.

Depending on what we determine you need, crystals should be worn specifically on your finger, wrist, neck, etc, and on the side of the body that will benefit you.  Our soul always recognizes what we need.  The Crystals for the Soul session can help you with discerning what stones can support you on your current journey and where they should go.  After the session, you can choose from an array of jewelry, those that you are drawn to, or I can custom make something for you.  Costs of those items would vary, based on time and materials.  There are also available some pieces which are very powerful and stand on their own.