Pet Light and Color Code Alchemy



The Color Light Pen is also offered to pets.  Because our pets are so open, they have much less resistance than humans.  As such, the Color Light Pen can be a beautiful way to help our pets come into a state of balance, helping to eliminate some of their issues.

Crystals for the Soul can also be done with pets.  Because animals have much less resistance and are so open to energy, a crystal charm for your pet might help them with their issues, whether psychological, emotional or physical.  Remember, this is about getting them into balance in order to get their bodies to work optimally.  These crystals are just a tool to help them move along their own path of healing.  You simply attach one to your pet’s collar and let it do its work.

If you feel this is something that would be beneficial for your furry family member, please feel free to contact me for further information.

Do you wish that you could get one of Seta T’s energy bracelets for your Animal?  Well, you can!  You can get an energy pendant for your furry friend too.

Seta T can make energy charms for your animals that can help with their specific issues.

She can communicate with your animals easily and find out what colors they need to release fear or anxieties. Hear what Ted Murray had to say about the positive effects for his cat, Pelle.

Pelle and her sister were adopted by Ted and were having trouble adjusting to their new home.  After being uprooted from their original family, it is no wonder that they had fear and confusion issues.  But Seta T tapped in and intuited what was needed to make Pelle feel like family in her new home.

Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.