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Seta Tashjian is a transformational pioneer in color and light energy medicine, with a passion for helping people awaken to their true selves and to their own healing abilities, gifts and innate talents. Through her unique, mystical combination of transformational work, she expertly supports stressed individuals in releasing pain and suffering while finding the road to joy and fulfillment.

An accomplished broadcaster and then accounting executive, Seta gave up her corporate career to dive into alternative healing work with a passion. She is a talented and effective transformer of stress and worry for working women. Her intuition and connection to soul knowledge through color and light alchemy has helped hundreds of people shift their lives with ease and grace.


Crystals for the Soul

Crystal healing is an alternative therapeutic technique in which crystals and other gemstones are used to treat energetic and emotional ailments and also help to protect against dis-ease. This technique positions specific crystals to act as conduits for balancing — allowing positive, congruent, and healing energy to flow into the body as negative, dis-ease causing energy flows out.

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Light and Color Code Alchemy

Seta T is an expert at using the Color Light Pen, an advanced form of light therapy.  It was designed to bring the energies of Color and Light alchemy, inclusive of its vibrations of color, plant and crystal energies, to the sensitive areas of the body, such as the meridians, chakras and energy fields around the body, to adjust and boost our personal energies, enabling the body to come into balance.

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Inner Wisdom Support

Seta T has developed alchemic methods to transform you quickly to a state of wellbeing using her years of knowledge of color and light alchemy and crystal vibrational healing. During your session, Seta T assesses your current state of balance within your energy field. Once these blockages are identified, then she can remove the energetic components to create a path for your body to balance.

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December 9th – 20th, 2019

10:00am – 5:00pm

1776 S. Jackson Street
Suite 614
Denver, CO 80210

*Excludes Archangel and Starlight Bracelet Collections

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Welcome Archangels

Welcome Archangels

Many of you know the story of how the Starlight Bracelets and Starlight Grids came to be. The bracelets came first, when I was completely unaware they were about to do so. One night, as I was getting ready for bed, it was communicated to me that they were to be...

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Using the Colors of Nature

Using the Colors of Nature

Look around you.  Color is everywhere in nature, so much so that it is ingrained in us.  Trees and grass we know to be green.  As such, green symbolizes life for us.  The sun is yellow. Light represents life and as such, yellow has come to mean happiness and joy. ...

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The Benefits of Color and Light Therapy

The Benefits of Color and Light Therapy

Color and light therapy has been around for thousands of years. Although nowadays it is being touted as something new and cutting edge, the reality is our ancestors were using it thousands of years ago. The very basic premise of working with light and color is that we...

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“I can’t explain exactly how Seta works, but all I know is the changes happening in my life since using her products and my first consultation with Seta are incredible …”
Carrie B.

“The Aura-Soma products are so alive, which makes for a very exciting and interesting journey.”
Donna H.

Seta T’s work is dynamic, customized to what I need in the moment …This is a huge support to stay connected to soul… Very valuable and pleasant work.”
Carrie C.