Light and Color Code Alchemy – Private Sessions

Are you ready to experience the healing secret of the ages?

The belief in light and color therapy as a method for healing is not new. Prior to the advent of drugs, doctors utilized the healing properties of the sun to improve health, both physically and psychologically.

Many cultures have recognized the potential healing powers of light and the sun. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and other major cultures made significant medical uses of light. The Egyptians are said to have built temples where color healing took place. Sunlight shone through windows of colored gems, such as rubies and sapphires, onto people seeking healing. Rooms were constructed for disseminating the color spectrum. The sick were “color diagnosed” and then put into rooms that radiated the particular color prescribed.

Now you can experience this Color and Light Technology with Seta T!

One of the tools used is in this session is the Color Light Pen. The Color Light Pen is an advanced form of light therapy.  It was designed to bring the vibrations of color, plant and crystal energies, to the sensitive areas of the body, such as the meridians, chakras and energy fields around the body, to adjust and boost our personal energies, enabling the body to come into balance.

Chi energy, or our “life force”, flows into our body’s energy channels, or “meridians”.  Meridians regulate our body and our psychological and emotional functions.  Each color will bring the quality associated with that color to whichever pathway it is brought into contact. In this way, our personal energies may be modified and enhanced.  When the Chi is enhanced, it enables the body to be in a state of health.

120 min. private sessions with Seta T can be done in person at her office in Denver by arranged appointment.


In-person sessions are conducted while you rest comfortably, fully clothed on a massage table that is surrounded with color and light alchemy frequency tools.

Your treatment is performed with loving care to connect you fully to your soul essence and upgrade your energy systems, so you can gain clarity in your purpose and achieve your health goals. Other benefits can be:

  • Gives us a deeper sense of wellbeing and ease to the body and mind
  • Removes energetic blockages to allow the body to balance and work more efficiently
  • Allows us to release and let go of the things that no longer serve
  • Provides vitality and more energy, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Assists in loving oneself and bringing compassion into our lives for ourselves
  • Brings more confidence through more wholeness
  • Helps one to recognize the inner beauty
  • Enables us to care for ourselves in a new way
  • Releases stress and worry
  • Clears and balances your chakras
  • Emotional reboot
  • Releases pain and suffering

These sessions will also incorporate the use of crystals when necessary and almost always, one of the Starlight Grids, which will be intuited during the assessment.  Color Light Pen sessions run anywhere from 45-75 minutes, meaning the actual work done on the table.  However, when taking into account the assessment, which includes listening to your needs and concerns as well as determining the course of action, and the recommendations and support after the light work, it will be approximately two hours.  Please wear light colored clothing when coming in for a session.

If you are ready to gain new insights and achieve a new high energy outlook on your life, order your private session below.

Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.