Transformational Crystals for the Soul

Transformational Crystals for the Soul

Transformation crystals for the soul. What does this mean?

All crystals are transformational in their own way. They all impact us and can change the energies both within us and around us. This is because at their core, they are light and that is what light does. However, some crystals are known more than others for their ability to help shift things. Today I’d like to talk about a few of them.

One of the better known ones is amethyst. Amethyst is known for its beautiful violet color, which can range from a very deep royal purple to a pale lilac. Amethyst is a form of quartz and quartz is an amplifier. Amethyst can help to stimulate the upper chakras, allowing you to connect with the higher realms and to your own spirituality. It is known very specifically as a transformational crystal, partly due to its color. Violet is inherently transformation and healing. As such, amethyst is also known as a great healer. It is a staple when used in crystal healing. A large piece of amethyst, such as a geode or cathedral, can easily shift the energies in a room, bringing in light and raising the vibration.

Another one (and one of my favorites) is selenite. Selenite is named for the moon goddess Selene and can come in different forms and even in a few different colors, but is best known for its milky white color. It has a satin look to it, especially when polished, but either way you can easily see the grains that run through it. This crystal is used to bring light and to help connect to the angels. It opens a pathway of light between you and your guides and angels. I think it’s a must to have in every room, as well as having a small piece that you can carry with you. The vibration of this crystal is so high that it’s one of the few crystals that never need energetic cleaning.

Finally, we have black tourmaline. Black tourmaline, like all black stones, is very protective. However, of all the protective stones available, black tourmaline is the most powerful simply because not only does it protect you and your aura of negative energies but it has the capability to return that negativity to the sender. In this way, it can help others to realize that they may be unwittingly sending out negative energies and help them to shift as well. Black tourmaline is another crystal that should be in your home and on your person. Personally, I never leave home without it and I have my home, my office and my car gridded with it.

I hope I’ve helped you see that these beautiful creations of nature do more than just look pretty. They can help us and our space to shift to create the most optimal surroundings that we want to operate in.