The Benefits of Color and Light Therapy

The Benefits of Color and Light Therapy

Color and light therapy has been around for thousands of years. Although nowadays it is being touted as something new and cutting edge, the reality is our ancestors were using it thousands of years ago. The very basic premise of working with light and color is that we are energy beings and as such, are made up of color and light. If our colors are out of balance, then we are out of balance.

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were one of the earliest civilizations to use color in healing? They worshipped the sun, knowing that without light there can be no life. They colored their floors green and their windows blue, all to mimic what nature has given us. They used crystals, by allowing the sun to shine through them, and their properties of color for healing. They painted different rooms different colors and each was used for different reasons.

In today’s world, it is no different. For example, businesses are realizing the potential of color in their advertising. Have you ever wondered why all the fast food companies use basically the same colors: red and yellow? Look at McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, just to name a few. This is because these colors have been scientifically proven to be stimulating, including stimulating hunger.

So if the ancients used color and light and modern day institutions do so as well, why would you not consider the benefits for yourself? If our colors are out of balance, we can feel out of balance as well. This can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. When working with color, a knowledgeable practitioner can assess how you are out of balance and what colors can help to bring you back into balance, giving you a deeper sense of well-being and ease to the body, mind and spirit.

Just think about how you feel on a bright sunny day versus a gloomy rainy day. All the color of that bright day affects your mood: the clear blue of the sky, the joyful yellow of the shining sun, the life affirming green of the grass and trees. Now think about a gloomy rainy day. Everything seems gray and colorless and seems to affect your mood as well. None of this is happenstance. Color does affect everything we do and feel, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Working with color and light is a beautiful way to bring peace and balance back into your life. It is painless and relatively quick. It can provide vitality and more energy, physically, mentally and emotionally. So why not try it out for yourself?