Rainbow Fluorite


2” H x 1” around – Lemon Quartz, as a variety of quartz, is a master healer. Its color is very unique, differing from other yellow stones such as citrine, which is sunnier, or prasiolite, which is greener. It is a beautiful pale yellow with green undertones. This stone helps to unite the third and fourth chakras, not only focusing on your power center, but doing so from the feeling side of being. It can remove self-doubt, bring confidence, joy, peace, and may even help with anxiety. It helps to inspire hope and helps you to walk your truth while in your full power. Lemon quartz is a stone of luck and has been known to draw abundance into your life. The depth of this piece is truly awe-inspiring.

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2 7/8” H x 2 7/8” W x 3/8” D – Green, violet and white are all colors obvious in this piece, with hints of yellow. Very protective, it protects against both negative energies and electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF). Fluorite is known for mental focus and acuity and is the perfect stone to use when studying. It can also help you get organized, giving you more structure.